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Indira Gandhi StadiumMonavie is launching for the first time in Delhi, India on 26th may in Indira Gandhi Stadium

Tickets per person = 500 rs. for networkers

12000 people will be there

first time in Delhi

Monavie is a 19 fruit juice with super fruit acai berry and it helps with:

1. sugar
3.heart problem
4.blook pressure
8.for kids

Find out more and Join Here!

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Become a Health and Wellness home business owner today!

It’s easy!

Join MonaVie!

We’re the ONLY company with $1 BILLION in sales!  Grab some of that action!

If you just want to use the product, you can become a
preferred customer or, if you want to make money with this also, you can
become a distributor.

Preferred customers get their own back office from which they can order
but they are not “in” the organization and cannot resell product or get
bonuses, etc. Being a preferred customer, you only get a discount.

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Get The Skinny on FAT!

That’s the name of my new health and fitness ezine that’s coming out March 15, 2012!

I have made it my mission to help as many people lose weight and/or feel great as I can this year (and beyond!)

Because of my passion for living right… and my new position as RVLution coach in MonaVie.. I decided that it was time I published the ezine that has been bouncing around in the back of my head.

A few years ago, I had published a book called ‘Get The Skinny on FAT’.  It sold a few copies, but I never really did anything with it… so it has been sitting in my archives gathering e-dust.

Because I am going to be starting this ezine (on March 15, 2012), I will dust it off, re-write it so that it is up to date again and have it as a an incentive to join the ezine… I am offering it at 50% off to subscribers!

How cool is that??? 🙂

This ezine will be published on the 15th of each month and will offer:

  • -recipes
  • -exercises
  • -articles
  • -testimonials

… and more to help you lose weight, or simply get fit!

Join The RVLution!

Sign up now to secure your place!  Then sign up to the ezine below:

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Manifest a More Meaningful Life Today!

Join the RVLution in A More Meaningful Life with Greater Purpose
Imagine & Believe A Need and Observe this Solution for You
through Monavie’s Health with Wealth System.
With Great Love
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