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Learn How To Make Wines & Spirits So Incredibly Flavoursome & Delightful….


That No-One Could Resist A Second Glass – Right From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!”  

Making your own delicious wines & spirits is not only relaxing & rewarding but brings with it a status of prestige and creativity – there is nothing quite like the warm feeling of watching family & friends enjoying the wine/liquor that you have created yourself, seeing them reach for that last bottle and help themselves to another delightful glass of your creation.

But making wine from home is hard right? Far from it – in fact, when the simple steps in this eBook are applied, making your own delicious wines that your house-guests just can’t get enough of is absurdly simple. Not only is it so easy that even a child could do it (which of course is not recommended), but it is also very cheap requiring no special equipment or knowledge other than what’s in this book. You could get started within the next 5 minutes!

The secret, simple do-at-home procedures that you will discover have been used for years and proven to consistently produce outstanding wines & spirits – all done from home with the same ingredients and equipment that almost every kitchen already has.

Amaze Your Family & Friends With Marvelous, Flavorsome Wines That Are Every Bit As Good As Those In Up Market Wine Shops

Let me tell you, there isn’t any book out there that gives amateur wine-makers this level of high-impact information, tutorials, recipes & step-by-step procedures and techniques to create superb home-made wines & liquors.

So how much is all this information going to cost you? The scores of recipes, tutorials, step-by-step instructions and all the rest of it….$97? Maybe $49?

 No, not even close. I want this book, it’s tutorials, recipes and proven home-wine making techniques to be available to everyone who wants it.


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Here is just a taster of the type of wine/liquor recipes & tutorials that come with this amazing package:

  • 32 berry wine recipes. 
  • 20 recipes for making wine from extracts.
  • 4 techniques & recipes for making wine from citrus fruits.   
  • 10 in depth recipes for making perfect flower wines.
  • Tutorial on making home wines from dried herbs – including 8 easy make-it-now recipes that you can start today.
  • A further 9 make-from-home tutorials including recipes for creating stunning wines from dried fruits & grain.
  • Tips on creating your very own signature wine.   
  • In depth tutorial on making wine from grapes including 6 ready to follow recipes. 
  • Several recipes & tutorials on creating splendid liquors. Also a special bonus chapter on creating Wines That Are A Hit With The Ladies!

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