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The Inevitability of Change

The Inevitability of Change

The Inevitability of Change

The Inevitability of Change By Michelle Hoffmann Love it, hate it, look forward to it, or fear it; we all experience it. Change will happen, this is the one constant in life. How we deal with it, well… that’s another story all together. Let me…

Keto Friendly Romaine Boats

Keto Friendly romaine boats

Keto Friendly Romaine Boats Last night, my husband was going to be making bratwurst on a bun, but because I’m doing the Keto thing, he was trying to figure our what to do for me for a bun. Earlier, I had happened to notice that…

The Power of the Ezine

The Power of the Ezine

The Power of the Ezine By Michelle Hoffmann (It’s time to bring the Ezine back!) Ezines were once highly sought out and effective means of promoting your online business. As with real world magazines and newspapers, they are looked at as ways to get information…

The Emperor’s New Clothes

   The Emperor’s New Clothes The other day, I decided to post an advertisement in one of the groups that I’m a member of on Facebook. The advertisement was for my book – The Wardenclyffe Files (The Trump Connection). I’m just trying to sell my…

How To Flip Houses For MASSIVE Profit

Source: How To Flip Houses For MASSIVE Profit

Using Candle Magick in Business

“There is a place for Magick in today’s world. More and more people are using this age old method of bringing success and prosperity to their lives and the lives of those who work for them.

Are you using it yet?”

Source: Using Candle Magick in Business

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