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Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Tea: Warmth for the Fireside

by Huda Bint Adnan (Author), Jolene Sadoun (Illustrator)

The series of works and experiences described in the poems of this collection serve to articulate the continuous struggle that occurs within oneself. The author explores the complexity of sins and mistakes, the regret and guilt that follows, and the painstaking journey to seeking redemption and forgiveness, both from God and from oneself. Human nature is inherently good, however, when the soul is lulled by devilish whispers, it is inexplicably easy to fall into sin. Whether the following experiences are fictitious or not, they delve into the concept of self-awareness and place great importance in knowing that learning from the past is the best way to embrace it and move forward. Though the past may continue to haunt our minds in the darkest of nights, it is essential to remember that we are more than our mistakes. Failures in life, are always a journey—never a destination.

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Why Network Marketing Fails

You’ve got to wonder why some people are even in network marketing.  I mean, they join a program and 6 months down the road, they are quitting that program and joining another.  They feel that the first program that they had joined, had been so gung ho, fired up about,  just wasn’t working.  It wasn’t bringing in the money that they had been sure it was going to.

Skip ahead another 3 months and yep, another program.  This one is guaranteed to work!  The owners and other distributors even said so.  You were watching people make tons of cash from it.  This is going to be the one!

Three more months go by, and you aren’t any richer than you had been when you joined the first “sure thing”.  In fact, you had even less money.  What was going wrong?  Why wasn’t it happening to you?  There had to be a reason… was it your sponsor’s?  Were the products not good enough?  What was wrong?  Surely, you had been doing everything right, you had been going to meetings, you had given out the pamphlets and business cards like you had been told to.  So why?

The biggest problem with network marketing, is that people get so hung up on “Get Rich Quick”.  Then, if they don’t start rolling in cash after their first two weeks, they think “SCAM”, quit the program, and start bad mouthing that company.  “It doesn’t work”, “The comp plan sucks”, or any other of a number of excuses.  And that is the wrong way to go about it.  Everyone knows that making money takes work.  It takes effort.  Network marketing will not make you rich overnight.
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