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It’s TIME to STAND UP!!!

You know… I can’t believe the American people are letting the government take their rights away from them… the National parks and other monuments are OURS… NOT the government’s… we should not idly stand by and allow the few to screw the many! What should happen is that the congress and President should be the ones going without pay… and their pay goes to the government workers throughout the nation! This is BS!!!!


Can Wine (and Chocolate) Make U Smarter?

Boost brainpower

Two new studies have shown that polyphenols in wine (and chocolate!) increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain, boosting cognitive ability. The effect gets even more beneficial as you age, since there is a natural reduction in blood supply around the brain later in life. All the more reason to have a glass of ‘medicine’ and a little dessert every chance you get.

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