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Black and White Muffins

black and white muffinsBlack and White Muffins


300g/10 oz/1and a half cups of self raising flour

50 g./2oz/quarter cup cocoa powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

100g./5oz/half cup sugar

about a cupful of vegan white chocolate chips – available from

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1 and a half cups of cold water or soya milk

1 teaspoon vanilla essence


Preheat oven to 190C/380F. Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl. Add the wet ingredients and mix well – you can add more water or soya milk if the mixture seems too thick. Place muffin cases in a muffin tin (makes about 12) and fill with the mixture. Bake for 15-20 minutes until risen and firm.

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Recipe of the day! Cherry Rum Balls


* 1 cup HERSHEY’S SPECIAL DARK Chocolate Chips or HERSHEY’S Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
* 1/2 cup rum
* 1/4 cup light corn syrup
* 3 cups finely crushed vanilla wafer cookies(about 80 cookies)
* 1-1/2 cups finely chopped pecans
* 1/2 cup powdered sugar
* Additional powdered sugar
* Red candied cherries, halved (optional)

1. Place chocolate chips in small microwave-safe bowl. Microwave at MEDIUM (50%) 1 minute; stir. If necessary, microwave at MEDIUM an additional 15 seconds at a time, stirring after each heating, until chips are melted. Stir in rum and corn syrup.

2. Stir together vanilla wafer crumbs, pecans, and 1/2 cup powdered sugar. Drizzle chocolate mixture over crumb mixture, stirring until well blended. Shape mixture into 1-inch balls; roll in powdered sugar. If desired, place cherry half in center of each cookie, pressing down lightly.

3. Store in airtight container several days to develop flavor. Before serving, roll balls in additional powdered sugar, if desired. About 4 dozen cookies.

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