We all have had times when nothing seems to go right for us…when there seemed to be something blocking the goodness from entering into our personal realm.

I found this article and it spoke to me… telling me that this is what the blockage is/was…


Negative charges.

Negative charges are negative emotions that stick with you after an
encounter with someone or something.

It could be a misunderstanding with a co-worker. Or an argument with your partner.
Or even a stranger who cut you off on the freeway.

And just like an electrical current in a battery, that charge can
stick with you for a really long time.

And it can spoil the flow of your day, even your week.

You can’t fully focus on your work. Distractions and annoyances
upset you more than usual.

It’s almost like there’s something blocking out your inner brilliance.

According to Tony Robbins, negative charges even damage your physical health.

The answer? Forgiveness.

According to Dr. Fred Luskin, author of Forgive for Good, letting go of a
grudge can slash your stress levels by up to 50%.

Studies show it even improves your energy, mood, sleep quality and physical vitality.

Today’s tip is a simple 3-step exercise that will help you release
your negative charges in minutes:


The Forgiveness Exercise


1. The first step is to visualize the source of your negative charge.

Who gave you this negative charge? Jog your memory, and visualize this person
and what they did to you. Was it your spouse? A co-worker?
Build a clear and detailed image of them in front of your mental eye.

2.  Next, ask this person to forgive you…

…and visualize them accepting your apology. Yes, it may seem strange that you’re asking
the person who upset you for forgiveness. But there’s a good reason for this: it reminds you
that we are all connected, and that what one person does affects everyone.

3. Finally, forgive this person.

Once you’ve visualized this person forgiving you, picture yourself sincerely forgiving them
for what they’ve done. Visualize the negative charge dissipating as you do this.

For best results, remember to use your Omharmonics audios as you try this exercise
during your 10-minute session today.

>>> If you haven’t already, go here to get your free Omharmonics audio

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