Become a Health and Wellness home business owner today!

It’s easy!

Join MonaVie!

We’re the ONLY company with $1 BILLION in sales!  Grab some of that action!

If you just want to use the product, you can become a
preferred customer or, if you want to make money with this also, you can
become a distributor.

Preferred customers get their own back office from which they can order
but they are not “in” the organization and cannot resell product or get
bonuses, etc. Being a preferred customer, you only get a discount.

Becoming a MonaVie Distributor:

It will cost you $39 to get in and then you get discounts on product AND
you can sell to others. Also, when you become ‘gold’ in the company…
they will send you, all expenses paid, on a cruise!

I highly recommend becoming a distributor. Once you try this product and
see/feel the results, you WILL want to sell it to others. 🙂 … it’s that good!

The RVL (the weight loss product) costs about $98 a tub… but it lasts you
30 days… and will pay for itself in the long run – you will be replacing 2 meals
per day with the shake and therefore purchasing less food. (that’s what I like)

They also have nutrition bars (delicious) for snacks and nutrition supplements.
The supplements help to kickstart the weight loss.

I don’t know if you know who Mark Macdonald is… he’s the best selling author
of the book ‘Body Confidence’ and fitness trainer to the stars … and he is our

The MonaVie Juices

The juices cost about $40 per bottle. I have to say that I would not go one day
without my juice… I have noticed that when I don’t take it, the pain in my joints
comes back with a vengeance! LOL

And, my dad (who has had a heart attack and is on meds for it) takes our ‘Pulse’ juice
(formulated for heart health), and has been able to lower his dosage on his meds!

Let me know what you want to do and I can help you from there.

My recommendation?

Become a MonaVie distributor and order one of the RVL Opportunity Kits.

Click Here to Start Your MonaVie Future Today!


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